Alfaparf BB Bleach High Lift 9 Bleaching Powder


Alfaparf BB Bleach High Lift 9 bleaching powder is intended for intensive, dark hair. Alfaparf BB Bleach formula lightens hair up to 9 levels.

  • White-coloured powder
  • Brightens up to 9 levels
  • Provides light, cool colour
  • Creamy and even consistency of mixture
  • Fresh, pleasant fragrance

Product size: 400g.


Alfaparf BB Bleach High Lift 9 Bleaching Powder has been enriched with chia seed oil with omega 3 fatty acids which nourish and strengthen hair. It is also a natural antioxidant. In addition, Bi-Blond Complex rebuilds hair structure on the inside and on the outside.

Alfaparf Milano is a brand established in Italy, which is a leader among Italian manufacturer of professional hair products. Decades of development of production techniques and long experience have made it possible to create a broad range of products for hair care, colouring and styling. They facilitate the work of professional hairdressers around the world.

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