Erayba Gamma Blond


Permanent hair coloring cream, superblonding tones. Color and conditioning action.
Mix 1+2


Tube 100 ml.

12 shades available.

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Erayba Gamma Blond is a permanent hair color cream with Phytokeratin®, vegetable keratin that protects and provides powerful conditioning to hair and maximum affinity. Perfumed and hypoallergenic color cream, free from PPD pigments. With conditioning Meadowfoam plant seed oil and UV-B color protection filter. Colors with intensity and shine. Conditioned silky hair.

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11/00 – Platinium Blond, 11/10 – Ash Platinum Blond, 11/30 – Golden Platinum Blond, 11/32 – Irisé Gold Platinum Blond, 11/34 – Copper Gold Platinum Blond, 11/63 – Golden Brown Platinum Blond, 11/80 – Violet Platinum Blond, 12/00 – Extra Platinium Blond, 12/12 – Irisé Ash Extra Platinum Blond, 12/22 – Intense Irisé Extra Platinum Blond, 12/30 – Golden Extra Platinum Blond, 12/60 – Brown Extra Platinum Blond


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