Kléral Magicrazy


A superior professional dyeing cream for the hairdresser who wants to offer a top quality service even to their more demanding clients. Magicrazy, available in 12 shades, is the permanent hair color that performs the best, delivering superior gray coverage, color stability, and an absolutely natural effect. Its precious formula, based on selected coloring molecules, makes it a top quality hair color for professional use.


Tube of 100ml.

12 shades available.

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Magicrazy Permanent Hair Dyeing Cream Color
Directions for use:
  • Lighten and bleach the hair 4/5 tones up to a level of 8.
  • Choose the desired Magicrazy shade and select the appropriate strength peroxide,(30 volume).
  • Pour 50ml of Magicrazy and 75ml of peroxide into non mettalic bowl and mix until a homogeneous blend is obtained.
  • Perform a skin sensitivity test 48hrs before use.

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Y1 – Sunshine Lemon, Y2 – Grapefruit Yellow, O1 – Gold Amber, R1 – Fire Red, R2 – Cherry Red, P1 – Pink Lady, V1 – Thunder Violet, B1 – Blue Lavander, B2 – Blue Sky, G1 – Green Grass, G2 – Gree Emerald, G3 – Olive Brown


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