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Matrix SoColor Beauty is a permanent hair dye that is simple to use, giving you the results you want. The pre-blended permanent colour delivers brilliant colour right on target. Long-wearing results. Outstanding grey coverage. Full control. The protective ingredients of Matrix SoColor Beauty also give your hair a rich shine.

Tube 90 ml.

134 shades available.

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1A – Darkest Black Ash, 2N – Black Neutral, 3N – Dark Brown Neutral, 3VR – Dark Brown Violet Red, 3W – Dark Brown Warm, 4BC – Medium Brown Copper, 4M – Medium Brown Mocha, 4MA – Brown Mocha Ash, 4MR – Dark Brown Mocha Red, 4N – Medium Brown Neutral, 4NW – Brown Neutral Warm, 4RV+ – Medium Red Brown Violet +, 5A – Light Brown Ash, 5AG – Light Brown Ash Gold, 5AV – Light Brown Ash Violet, 5BC – Light Brown Brown Copper, 5BR – Light Brown Brown Red, 5C – Light Brown Copper, 5G – Light Brown Gold, 5M – Light Brown Mocha, 5MG – Light Brown Mocha Gold, 5MR – Light Brown Mocha Red, 5N – Light Brown Neutral, 5NW – Light Brown Neutral Warm, 5RR+ – Light Brown Red Red +, 5RV+ Light Brown Red Violet +, 5W – Light Brown Warm, 504N – Extra Coverage Medium Brown Neutral, 504NW – Extra Coverage Natural Warm, 505BC – Extra Coverage Mokka Copper, 505G – Extra Coverage Light Brown Gold, 505M – Extra Coverage Light Brown Mocha, 505N – Extra Coverage Medium Brown Neutral, 506BC – Extra Coverage Mokka Copper, 506N – Extra Coverage Dark Blonde Neutral, 506NW – Extra Coverage Natural Warm, 506RB – Extra Coverage Dark Blonde Red, 507AV – Extra Coverage Gray Violet, 507N – Extra Coverage Medium Blonde Neutral, 507G – Extra Coverage Medium Blonde Gold, 508BC – Extra Coverage Mokka Copper, 508M – Extra Coverage Medium Blonde Mocha, 508N – Extra Coverage Light Blonde Neutral, 508NA – Extra Coverage Light Blonde Neutral Ash, 508NW – Extra Coverage Natural Warm, 509AV – Extra Coverage Gray Violet, 509G – Extra Coverage Very Light Blonde, 509N – Extra Coverage Very Light Blonde Neutral, 509NA – Extra Coverage Very Light Blonde Neutral Ash, 510G – Extra Coverage Extra Light Blonde Gold, 510N – Extra Coverage Very Light Blonde Neutral, 510NA – Extra Coverage Extra Light Blonde Neutral Ash, 6A – Dark Blonde Ash, 6AG – Dark Blonde Ash Gold, 6BC – Dark Blonde Brown Copper, 6BR – Dark Blonde Brown Red, 6C – Dark Blonde Copper, 6G – Dark Blonde Gold, 6M – Dark Blonde Mocha, 6MA – Dark Blonde Mocha Ash, 6MG – Dark Blonde Mocha Gold, 6MM – Dark Blonde Mocha Mocha, 6MR – Dark Blonde Mocha Red, 6N – Dark Blonde Neutral, 6NJ – Dark Blonde Neutral Jade, 6NW – Dark Blonde Neutral Warm, 6SP – Silver Pearl, 6RC+ – Dark Blonde Red Copper +, 6RV+ – Dark Blonde Red Violet Plus, 6VM – Mixed Metal Metallic Violet Mauve, 6VR – Dark Blonde Violet Red, 7A – Medium Blonde Ash, 7BC – Medium Blonde Brown Copper, 7C – Medium Blonde Copper, 7CG – Medium Blonde Copper Gold, 7G – Medium Blonde Gold, 7M – Medium Blonde Mocha, 7MG – Medium Blonde Mocha Gold, 7N – Medium Blonde Neutral, 7NJ – Medium Blonde Neutral Jade, 7NW – Medium Blonde Neutral Warm, 7RG – Mixed Metal Metallic Rose Gold, 7RR+ – Medium Blonde Red Red +, 7W – Medium Blonde Warm, 8AG – Light Blonde Ash Gold, 8AV – Light Blonde Ash Violet, 8C – Light Blonde Copper, 8CC – Light Blonde Copper, 8G – Light Blonde Gold, 8M – Light Blonde Mocha, 8MA – Light Blonde Mocha Ash, 8MM – Light Blonde Mocha Mocha, 8N – Light Blonde Neutral, 8NW – Light Blonde Neutral Warm, 8P – Light Blonde Pearl, 8RC – Light Blonde Red Copper, 8SP – Light Blonde Silver Pearl, 8VM – Mixed Metal Metallic Violet Mauve, 8W – Light Blonde Warm, 9A – Very Light Blonde Ash, 9AV – Very Light Blonde Ash Violet, 9G – Very Light Blonde Gold, 9M – Very Light Blonde Mocha, 9N – Very Light Blonde Neutral, 9RG – Mixed Metal Metallic Rose Gold, 9W – Very Light Blonde Warm, 10AV – Extra Light Ash Violet, 10G – Extra Light Blonde Gold, 10MM – Extra Light Blonde Mocha Mocha, 10N – Extra Light Blonde Neutral, 10NW – Extra Light Blonde Neutral Warm, 10P – Extra Light Blonde Pearl, 10SP – Silver Pearl, 11A – High Lift Blonde Ash, 11N – High Lift Blonde Neutral, Clear, UL-A+ – Ultra Blondes Ash+, UL-AA – Ultra Blondes Ash Ash, UL-AV – Ultra Blondes Ash Violet, UL-AJ – Extra Blonde Dark Bases, UL-GA – Extra Blonde Gold Ash, UL-M – Ultra Blondes Mocha, UL-MV – Ultra Blondes Mocha Violet, UL-N – Ultra Blondes Neutral, UL-N+ – Ultra Blondes Neutral Plus, UL-NV+ – Ultra Blondes Neutral Violet +, UL-P – Ultra Blondes Pearl, UL-VT – Ultra Blondes Violet Titanium, UL-V+ – Ultra Blondes Violet +, UL CLEAR – Ultra Blondes Clear, UL SHEER BRONZE – Ultra Blondes Bronze, CC.44 – High Impact Brunette, MV.82 – High Impact Brunette, SR-RV – Red Violet, VA.21 – High Impact Brunette, VR.26 – High Impact Brunette