Erayba BIOme B10 bio mask


aloe vera
macadamia oil
coconut oil
quinoa & karité

Organic hair mask with natural active ingredients. For all hair types. 100% vegan.

Product size: 200ml / 1000ml


BIOme Organic Hair Care 100% vegan

Discover the 100% vegan Erayba line. BIOme takes care of the health of your hair with organic active ingredients based on vegetable oils of coconut, macadamia, quinoa, moringa, aloe vera, karité shea, rice protein. With anti-oxidant and rejuvenating action, leaves your hair hydrated, soft, shiny and with plenty of vitality. With anti-pollution effect. For all types of hair and frequent daily use.

Free of salts, parabens and hypoallergenic perfume. Formula acid pH with natural fruit acids, without preservatives. A 100% vegan experience and cruelty free.

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200ml, 1000ml